Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Pumphouse Creamery - Black Garlic with Chocolate Chips

Black Garlic with Chocolate Chips - Black Garlic Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips

Today we return to the Pumphouse Creamery of south Minneapolis for their Black Garlic with Chocolate Chips flavor.  Last year, Pumphouse had a Black Garlic flavor which was a fun experimental flavor.  "Black" garlic has been heated and aged giving it a more complex but muted flavor.  So it was not a strong garlic like the one in Jeni's Everything Bagel's mix-ins (which was balanced by a cream cheese base).  In Pumphouse's flavor, you could taste the garlic in the ice cream itself but in a way that was still palatable.  My minor quibble with the flavor was that although the garlic had been made palatable, it was not strong enough to maintain my interest for the entire pint.  So, it was better by the spoonful or scoopful than by the pint. In today's flavor, they've added chocolate chips!  Maybe other people had a similar feedback?  Let's see how their garlic flavor fares mixed with chocolate chips.

Removing the lid, I see lots of chocolate chips right away.  The black garlic base on an off-white beige color.  Digging in, I can taste a little bit of the garlic.  It is more of a 'finish' flavor that you get notes of after I swallow.  I primarily taste the chocolate chips which are quite delicious.  I should note that I have a high tolerance for spices, though, so perhaps some Midwestern eaters might taste a more intense garlic flavor than I do.

This is a fun flavor from Pumphouse.  Like last year's Black Garlic flavor, it is fun to experiment with a flavor that includes garlic.  You do get a bit of savory garlic flavor but you also get good chocolate chip ice cream as well.  Try a sample of it the next time it is available if you are curious.



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